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Deacons in action – (left) The Rev. Bob Johnson, All Saints Episcopal Church in Lakeland, FL being commissioned as a Chaplain with the Polk County Sheriffs Office.  (above) The Rev. John Clark, St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Titusville, FL and founder of No One Hungry, ministering on the streets of Titusville.

ICS provides live and online spiritual formation, education, and training. Our courses are diverse and developed to help you grow in your faith.


“I found a family – I made lifelong friends at ICS and was cared for with prayer and concern.”

– Susan Hansell

“ICS is a place of learning AND community.  Classes and workshops are challenging and interesting; there’s something for EVERYONE.”

– Liz Tucker 

“ICS did for me spiritually what running did for my lungs.  It gave me more capacity and I’m loving it.”

– David Somers

ICS courses are approved by the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida for continuing education credit inside the diocese.

Featured Courses

Here is a brief overview of some of our popular courses:

Worshiping in Safety
(offered on-line only)

Dr. Sharon Jones and Lt. Cheryl Trainer


As a response to the PULSE shootings locally and other similar tragedies throughout our nation the Diocese of Central Florida recognized a need to equip our parishes with the tools to begin a conversation about safety.  As a way to remember the victims and their families and to better prepare our people and parishes to understand  and to actively prevent and manage a full range of emergencies including fires, hurricanes, and active shooters we offer this informative program led by Dr. Sharon Jones and LT Cheryl Trainer of the Melbourne Police Department  free of charge.  This program will give your church, school, or organization the tools to begin a conversation about safety in your location.


Know the Heretics
(offered on-line and live)

The Rev. Canon Dr. Justin Holcomb, The Rev. Andrew Petiprin

Heresy dominates many conversations these days. The frequency and volume of accusations suggest that some Christians have lost a sense of the gravity of the word. On the other hand, many believers have little to no familiarity with orthodox doctrine or the historic distortions of it. This course provides an accessible “travel guide” to the most significant heresies throughout Christian history.

Raising Up Leaders –
A Paradigm Shift
(offered on-line and live)

The Rev. Jonathan French

This course will consider why leadership matters in the church, biblical models of leadership, whether or not you’re a leader, and how to attract more leaders both like and unlike you.  This course offers an entirely new and fresh perspective on leading.

Addictions & Faith:
Where Do They Intersect?

(offered on-line only )

Julia Suereth

An in-depth look at the point where faith and God meet someone struggling with an addiction. Learn how spirituality can help free a person from the grips that deceive and control. Understand how dependence results from lack of connections and submission to God, and learn how to allow faith to be part of addiction recovery.

Choose the course that is right for you!

The courses listed as “ live” will be taught by an instructor and held at the downtown office of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida: 1017 E. Robinson St, Orlando FL 32801.