Information and Guidelines


A registration form can be found on the website menu, or may be obtained by contacting the ICS office. Advance registration is encouraged so the student can download the class syllabus prior to the class. Students taking the course for credit will be expected to come to class prepared to participate in the class discussion, and to submit a written assignment. Students auditing the class may find it helpful to have read the recommended reading assignment.

You may download the registration form for live classes here or you may obtain a registration form by contacting the ICS office




Tuition and Fees

Students taking live courses for credit: $45.00 per Saturday

Students auditing lives courses: $35.00 per Saturday

Online classes are $25.00 per class. Two-part class is $50.00.




The student may bring their lunch or purchase lunch at Panera Bakery, one block from the Diocesan office.

Lunch break is approximately 45 minutes.



Unless otherwise noted, courses described in this catalog will be held at the Diocesan Office, 1017 E. Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801.



The live class day begins with Morning Prayer at 8:30 a.m. and concludes by 3:30 p.m. Breaks are scheduled during the morning and afternoon, during which coffee is available, and there is a 45-minute lunch break. Most courses are one-day courses, although several two-day classes will be offered on consecutive Saturdays.


Required textbooks can be found on each course syllabus. Each student is responsible for obtaining the books required for courses. Books may be borrowed from another student or from a local or parish library.



The Yergey Memorial Library

Students are encouraged to make use of the Yergey Memorial Library, located at the Cathedral, for study and research. The library offers an unusual opportunity for students to further their knowledge and to avail themselves of the resources available.


Student Records

The Institute keeps a record on each student who attends a course for credit. The file contains applications, correspondence, and an up-to-date transcript. Student’s records are confidential.



Formal grading of courses is on a Pass/Fail basis. Students who are taking live courses for credit and desire to receive a grade will be expected to demonstrate preparation prior to the class, participation in the class discussion, and the satisfactory completion of an assignment or project. Students who are taking online courses for credit are expected to complete a 1 to 2 page (double-spaced) reflecting their comprehension and reaction to the course content. For a student to receive credit for live classes , required assignments or projects are expected to be in the instructor’s hands within 30 days following the date of the class. For online credit reflection papers must be submitted to the Archdeacon by the date listed on the course schedule.


Of special note:

The ICS Commission strongly advises students in an on-going program to seek regular counsel with a spiritual director. If you have a question about this, please see a faculty member or the dean.


Institute Administrator

The Institute Administrator is available to answer questions concerning the course syllabi, changes in schedules, required books grades, or status of accounts. The administrator may be reached through the ICS Dean, (407) 423-3567 x303 or (800) 299-3567 x303. She also is available on Institute Saturdays.



“I found a family; a family that truly blessed me!”

Listen to the testimonial:

I made life long friends at ICS and was cared for with prayer and concern.  Please click on my testimonal and hear everything that I have to tell you!


– Deacon Susan Hansell

A community of love and real opportunity

Listen to the testimonial:

I’m John Motis. I just went through my first year at ICS. And what I found in the religion studies is that I had an opportunity to get a better understanding of who I am and what I believe, and perhaps where I have to go. ICS provided me that opportunity; there’s a community here. I intend to go through the diaconal track.

What I saw was an opportunity for anybody to come and learn and be part of a community – a community of love and real opportunity.

– John Motis

A Treasure In Our Midst

Listen to the testimonial:

Many people in our community have no idea what a treasure we have in our midst!

ICS is a place of learning and community.  Classes and workshops are challenging and interesting; there is something for EVERYONE!!

I have so much more to tell you!  Click and listen to my testimonial!

– Deacon Liz Tucker

An opportunity to grow your Christian community

Listen to the testimonial:

My name is Tim Weatherington.

My experience at ICS has been that it’s a tremendous opportunity to both explore and grow in the academic aspects of your Christianity, as well as an opportunity to grow your Christian community. With people, who like yourself, may be seeking further, deeper knowledge and deeper understanding. And growing spiritually as a result of that.

It’s a tremendous opportunity for which I am very grateful.

– Tim Weatherington

ICS gave me more spiritual capacity

Listen to the testimonial:

I’m David Somers. I’m a runner.

ICS did for me spiritually what running did for my lungs: it gave me more capacity.

And I’m loving it.

– David Somers